Point Scoring in F1

With F1 debating the idea of three car teams, many have asked whether the third car would be allowed to score points. I personally believe they should, but as some have pointed out, if you did allow this the points positions would just be filled with the likes of Mercedes, Red Bull, Williams etc instead of having Force India and Toro Rosso making appearances.

The FIA could increase the number of points positions, which they have done in the past, first extending points down to eighth in the early 2000s and then extending further to tenth when Caterham, Marussia and HRT entered F1 in 2010. The FIA have also changed the amount of points awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd, making any F1 records that are based around points effectively meaningless (or you could say, pointless).

I would personally, as an alternative, like to see the FIA introduce points from first place all the way to last, so in the case of this weekends Brazilian Grand Prix, down to 18th. This effectively guarantees points for everybody, as long as they finish the race. This to me is a good thing as it puts an even greater emphasis on reliability, drivers further down the field have more tangible rewards (relatively speaking) when they make passes for 13th or 16th place late in a race, and it also gives greater exposure to fights that occur at the back of the grid, for example the Caterham/Marussia battle that has been ongoing for the past few seasons.

Although the exposure is not seen on the television, it is clearer that a fight is happening at the back which could potentially, and hopefully, lead to more investment since the fight can be viewed from the points table, which in my opinion is better than hardly seeing the teams on TV and seeing them sit at the bottom of the Constructors standings, not trading places.

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