Female Drivers

Over the past couple of weeks the debate about female drivers has arisen as Bernie Ecclestone suggested the idea of creating a women’s championship, to run alongside Formula One.

Some such as Lotus development driver, Carmen Jorda have reacted positively to the idea. Others, such as Williams’ test driver, Susie Wolff have dismissed the idea.

The problem with Ecclestone’s idea is that it would require both Formula One and the women’s championship to be run on the same rules and regulations, as well as with the same machinery. Taking into consideration how expensive it is to run a team in Formula One currently, the only really feasible way for the idea to work would be for Formula One and the women’s championship to run GP2/GP3 style cars, which would no doubt be received negatively by the current teams, not to mention fans.

The best way for female drivers to break into Formula One is for more females to be encouraged to find a career in Motorsport in general. The more female drivers there are, the more likely there will be one who is an outright talent, who would more than deserve a place on the Formula One grid.

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