Manor Marussia’s 2015 Car

It was recently announced that Manor were aiming to introduce their 2015 car sometime in August. Initially I was skeptical as they would only have at maximum four months before the 2015 season ends, therefore thinking it better for them to simply not bother.

However if the car is introduced in early August that leaves the team nine rounds to compete in which is just under half the rounds in total for the season.

Whatever Manor do they are in a difficult position as they will have had to effectively been working on three different cars during the 2015 season. They would have worked on the 2014 car to make it compliant to 2015 regulations so that they could go racing. They would need to be working on the 2015 car in order to get it ready to be introduced later in the season. Then, finally, they would need to be working on their 2016 car for next season.

As admirable as it is to modify their 2014 car and be working towards introducing their 2015 car, I feel that in an ideal world Manor would have been allowed to miss the 2015 season so that they could concentrate fully on building a competitive car for 2016. They can still do this, but with limited resources being used on three different cars, how much are they compromising their 2016 competitiveness in trying to be slightly more competitive or appease the FIA and other teams in 2015.

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