Red Bull and Formula One

With the poor performance of the Renault engine in the opening rounds of the season, talk has once again emerged of Red Bull considering pulling out of Formula One.

The main source of concern was that Red Bull could only see Ferrari as a viable engine partner out of the current engine manufacturers that are competing in the sport at the moment. Despite this, surely Red Bull are now in a position where they would be able to bring in a new manufacturer to the sport to provide them with engines.

It was rumoured during the start of the season that if Red Bull were going to sell, they could sell the team to Audi. Surely this would be a perfect engine partner for Red Bull as an alternative to Renault. It would allow Audi the time to get an engine up to speed without having to worry about designing and building their own chassis. When Audi have a competitive engine they could then expand into a fully fledged constructor.

Another benefit for Red Bull is they would have a ready made buyer for the team. Even if there is a McLaren-Honda situation and Red Bull become fed up, they could still sell the team to the new engine supplier. By doing this Red Bull would be leaving the sport having introduced a new car manufacturer to compete alongside Ferrari and Mercedes which is surely a good thing, not to mention if Renault were to buy Toro Rosso.

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