Toro Rosso and Renault

I recently released a post about Red Bull and its situation within Formula One, concentrating on their engine supplier, Renault.

Toro Rosso, although having had similar reliability problems with the Renault engine have seemed more content with the French engine manufacturer which has led to rumours appearing of Renault being interested in buying the Italian based team.

Renault have mentioned during the opening rounds of the season that they would like to supply more teams than just the two Red Bull outfits, and it was suggested that they would look at becoming a fully fledged team again as a way of achieving this.

This is an interesting prospect. Toro Rosso are based in Italy and are registered as an Italian team, despite being owned by an Austrian. Renault on the other hand are French, were they to take over, would Renault keep the team in Italy? Where it has been ever since it ran as Minardi, or would the team be moved either to France or England?

Despite these questions, surely another intriguing and more important one would be if Renault did want to become a constructor again, wouldn’t they try and buy out the Red Bull senior team where there is a ready made race winning and potential championship winning team.

Even if neither of the above don’t occur it would seem that Renault and Toro Rosso are forming a closer relationship, evident with the suggestion in recent weeks that the Toro Rosso livery would change slightly to include Renault’s corporate colours, yellow.

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