Formula One check-up

Tomorrow Formula One returns from a three week break. The Spanish Grand Prix is commonly where teams introduce big upgrade packages to their cars after the flyaway races, this can leave a lot of questions about how the order will change in comparison to the opening rounds of the championship.

Although there can be questions asked about every team and driver and how much performance they would have gained since Bahrain. There are a few key points to look out for.

Will Rosberg become more of a threat to Hamilton?

It is clear from the race results alone that despite everything, Rosberg has struggled to seriously challenge Hamilton. Having had a three week break, will Rosberg have found anything to gain an upper hand over his team mate.

Will Ferrari have found more performance to become an even greater challenge to Mercedes?

Ferrari beat Mercedes in Malaysia, and managed to worry them both in China and in the closing stages of the Bahrain Grand Prix. It has been talked about that Ferrari perform best in hot climates, so the main question is has Ferrari been able to find performance that will enable them to be more of a challenge to Mercedes in cooler conditions.

How competitive will Sauber be?

Sauber have surprised many in the opening rounds of the championship, having scored nineteen points so far this season. Much has been made of their financial problems, having had to sort out a legal case from former driver Giedo van der Garde. Despite their financial issues, will Sauber still be able to keep up their performance, or will they begin to fall further down the grid.

Will Red Bull and Toro Rosso overcome their reliability issues?

Much has been made of the problems that Red Bull and Toro Rosso are having with their Renault engines, and despite the great performances from Verstappen and Sainz, Toro Rosso have only scored in two rounds of the championship. Will the reliability of the engine have improved, and can Toro Rosso maintain a high development rate to continue being a consistent challenger for points.


Two questions, how much performance will they have found since Bahrain, and how long will it take from the Spanish Grand Prix for McLaren to score their first points of the season, having come close in Australia with Button, and Alonso in Bahrain (both finishing 11th).

These are all interesting points to look out for in the upcoming races as the development race begins to hot up between the teams.

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