1929 Monaco Grand Prix

Like many European races in the Formula One calendar, the Monaco Grand Prix predates the current Championship.

The event was first held in 1929 having being organised by Anthony Noghes, a cigarette manufacturer, who had gained support for the race by Prince Louis II of Monaco.

Sixteen participants were invited to the race. With no qualifying, grid positions were assigned via a ballot, with Frenchman Philippe Etancelin drawing pole position.

The grid, unlike modern motorsport had the cars line up three by three with pole being on the left.

The distance of the race was set at one hundred laps. The race was won by Brit, William Grover-Williams who competed in a Bugatti. The other two podium positions were filled by Romanian, Georges Bouriano who finished second, and German, Rudolf Caracciola who finished third in a Mercedes-Benz.

The three podium finishers were the only drivers to complete the one hundred laps, of the nine finishers. Pole position man Philippe Etancelin finished four laps down in sixth.

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