1955 Monaco Grand Prix

The current Formula One World Championship began in 1950, and although a Monaco Grand Prix was held that year, it only started becoming a regular event on the F1 calendar from 1955.

Similar to 2015, in 1955 Mercedes were the dominant team who had Argentine, Juan Manuel Fangio and Briton, Stirling Moss driving for them.

For forty nine laps the Mercedes led a one-two, but it soon unraveled as Fangio’s transmission failed. Moss inherited the lead but retired thirty two laps later after an engine failure.

Italian, Alberto Ascari took over the lead in his Lancia but crashed into the harbour after an error coming out of the tunnel. This allowed Frenchman Maurice Trintignant in a Ferrari to take over the lead, where he stayed to claim his first victory in Formula One. Italian, Eugenio Castelloti finished second in his Lancia while Frenchman Jean Behra and Italian Cesare Perdisa shared third having both driven the number thirty four Maserati. Behra having covered forty two laps and Perdisa covering fifty seven.

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