Ericsson v Massa

Some have accused the Canadian Grand Prix of being boring. However in the opening laps of the race, Formula One saw a glimpse of how exciting it can be.

The glimpse I am talking about is the battle between Sauber’s Marcus Ericsson and Williams’ Felipe Massa.

What made the battle brilliant was that Marcus Ericsson positioned his car in the right places, making it harder for Massa to get past. rather than weaving or attempting to cut the Williams off at the last moment.

Some may not like the idea of faster cars being stuck behind slower ones, and they would be right to point out Vettel’s charge through the field as an example. But, if you want exciting racing, having the slower car ‘out of position’ by being ahead of the faster car is a good start. This is because it shows the defensive driving needed to hold a faster car back, as demonstrated by Ericsson, and it shows the need for a do or die attitude, or something creative and gutsy, from the faster car as demonstrated by Massa in his move that finally got him past the Sauber.

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