McLaren: 2015 vs 2016

It has been reported today that Fernando Alonso has urged McLaren to switch its focus onto the 2016 McLaren. In the same article, Alonso’s team mate, Jenson Button has suggested that McLaren do the opposite, and concentrate on continuing to develop their 2015 car.

Alonso’s viewpoint is that since the position and the relative performance of the McLaren is unlikely to improve, the team might as well start working on their 2016 car, to give it a better chance of being competitive.

Jenson Button on the other hand, has pointed out that the rules for 2016 are similar to this year, meaning it would surely be beneficial to continue developing the current car, as a way of understanding what is the best development route to undertake in 2016.

It is easy to understand both sides of the argument. By concentrating early on next year, McLaren can gain time on its rivals it would otherwise may have to make up during the actual 2016 season. On the other hand, it must be worth looking at particular routes of development now for the 2015 car that can simply be evolved and improved upon for 2016.

It is an interesting dilemma that teams up and down the grid must face on a consistent basis as they decide what route is best for them, often depending on their targets for the current season compared to the actual on track performance and results.

What do you think, should McLaren throw in the towel early in 2015 to give themselves a better chance in 2016, or should they continue developing their 2015 car. Feel free to leave a comment below of what your opinion is.

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