Nico Hulkenberg

Amongst the many stories that came out of Le Mans during the weekend, one caught a bit of attention, that of Nico Hulkenberg who, thanks to his Formula One employer Vijay Mallya, was allowed to compete in the LMP1 class with the #19 Porsche which ultimately won the race.

This led many to examine Hulkenberg’s career and how he has been seemingly forgotten by the leading teams in Formula One, despite having a very impressive CV in junior formula. Many were pleased to see Hulkenberg’s talents on display, wondering whether he would be served best by leaving Formula One and focusing on a Porsche WEC drive full time.

It would be hard to argue that point as there are a limited number of seats in Formula One, and with only one seat potentially open at a leading team at the end of 2015, which is likely to stay filled by Kimi Raikkonen, more and more drivers from junior formula and Formula One may have to look to the likes of the WEC for premier racing seats.

Despite his win at Le Mans, how many leading Formula One teams will realistically be chasing Hulkenberg for 2016 or 2017, to me very few, which would be a great shame, as he has shown this weekend what a talent he is, and winning one of the most prestigious racing events in motorsport should surely count for something when it comes to finding a competitive team in a premier racing series, surely?

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