Austrian Grand Prix

The next round on the Formula One calendar is Austria which returned last year after a ten year hiatus.

The Grand Prix first appeared on the calendar in 1964 having originally been run as a non-championship event in 1963. Although the 1963 and 1964 races were held at Zeltweg Airfield instead of the current Österreichring.

As many may or may not be aware the countries most successful racing driver in Formula One is Niki Lauda who won three titles and drove for, among others, Ferrari, Brabham and McLaren during his career.

Niki Lauda isn’t the countries only F1 world champion. The countries first champion was Jochen Rindt who despite being killed in a qualifying crash in Monza in 1970, had accumulated such a lead he won that year’s drivers championship, and is F1’s only posthumous champion to date.

The only other Austrian to have won races is Gerhard Berger who drove for Benetton, McLaren and Ferrari. There have been a further twelve Austrian drivers to have competed in Formula One over the years.

The Grand Prix has seen many exciting races including 1982 where Rosberg and De Angelis battled for the win. The circuit has also held one of the most controversial races in the sport during 2002 when Rubens Barrichello let team mate, Michael Schumacher passed on the main straight just before the chequered flag.

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