British ePrix Race 2

Thirty points are up for grabs, and the three remaining title contenders will be hoping to claim them all in order to be crowned the first Formula E champion.

Those three contenders are Nelson Piquet Jr., Sebastien Buemi and Lucas di Grassi who were the main contenders heading into the two races that are being held in London. Only thirteen points separate di Grassi in third from Piquet Jr. in first after both Buemi and di Grassi finished ahead of Piquet Jr. in the first London ePrix yesterday.

Although having said there is a thirteen point gap, things may get tricky as it is important to remember that drivers still need to drop one of their scoring rounds, although hopefully this will be cleared up and kept track of during the coverage of the race. But just in case they don’t, here is my attempt at understanding the situation:

Assuming that neither of the title contenders has a terrible result in race two, the points they each drop looks something like this:

Nelson Piquet Jr. – 4 points dropped

Sebastien Buemi – 3 points dropped

Lucas di Grassi – 2 points dropped

It leaves the standings actually looking like this going into the final race:

Nelson Piquet Jr. 134 points

Sebastien Buemi 130 points

Lucas di Grassi 123 points

This means that the gap between third and first is actually eleven points, not thirteen. It may not sound like a big difference, but those two extra points could actually make a huge difference in who becomes champion at the end of today’s race. I won’t try and run the numerous permutations for each individual driver as this will only complicate things further, just know that scores need to be dropped which simply adds to the tension of the Formula E finale.

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