USA: Teams

In the second part of my USA feature I cover the teams that have come from America to compete in the sport, since we have a circuit, and now we need a car.

Haas F1, who will compete in Formula One from 2016, aren’t the first American team to compete in the sport, and hopefully won’t be the last either.


Eagle was one of the first American teams to enter Formula One and was created by American racing driver, Dan Gurney, the team competed in Formula One for three seasons. There debut season was in 1966 at the Belgian Grand Prix. During that first season the team claimed four championship points courtesy of two fifth places.

In 1967 the team only managed two finishes, however these were a third place, at Canada, and a win at the Belgian Grand Prix. This meant the team amassed thirteen points throughout the season.

In its final year in 1968, the team struggled to finish races and switched to a McLaren chassis mid season.

Parnelli Jones Racing

Parnelli Jones Racing was founded by former racing driver Parnelli Jones and Veiko Miletich. Although the team were primarily concerned with competing solely in America they did for a time also focus on Formula One. They entered the series in 1974 and competed in their final season in 1976, running Mario Andretti in the car for all three season.

The team entered sixteen races in three years, scoring six points in total. Their most successful season was 1975 where they scored five points.In the same year they claimed their highest race finish of fourth at the Swedish Grand Prix.

Shadow Racing

From 1973 to 1975 Shadow Racing, which was initially founded and based in America, raced under an American licence. During this period it was moderately successful as it claimed four podium finishes and a total of 25.5 points over the three seasons.

Copyright John Pease
“Tom Pryce 1976 Race of Champion” by John Pease is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Under their American licence the team’s most successful season was 1975 where they claimed 9.5 points, finishing sixth in the Constructors Championship. In the three years as an American team they claimed four podium finishes, all third places, of which two were achieved in their debut season.


Copyright David Merrett
“1976 Penske PC3” by David Merrett is licensed under CC BY 2.0

One of the most famous team’s in America did for a time compete in Formula One, from 1974 to 1976. They initially ran American Mark Donohue in the car, who was killed after sustaining injuries in the 1975 Austrian Grand Prix. The team then hired John Watson for 1976 where the team claimed its one and only F1 victory, which was at Austria. The 1976 season was the team’s most successful season in Formula One, scoring twenty points and finishing fifth in the Constructors Championship.

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