New Season Resolutions: Red Bull Racing

It’s another new season resolution, but this time it’s Red Bull Racing’s turn.

They endured another difficult season in 2015, only achieving three podium finishes, of which two came at the Hungarian Grand Prix.

Red Bull-Renault
Sebastian Vettel, Red Bull Racing” by Dave Wilson is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

The season was therefore dominated by Red Bull attempting to secure a more competitive engine for 2016 onwards. It resulted in the team talking to Mercedes, Ferrari and even Honda. There was also talk of the team potentially bringing VW into the sport as an engine supplier, but a deal didn’t materialise.

There was a lot of negativity from Red Bull towards the whole of Formula One from criticising its engine supplier to other engine suppliers and teams.

In the end the, and despite everything, they stuck with Renault engines for 2016, although the engine has been rebranded as TAG after Red Bull signed a deal with TAG Heuer watches.

Red Bull’s new season resolution is two fold, the first part is to sort out there engine supply for the long term, the second part is to not complain about either their current engine supply or other potential suppliers during the season.

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