New Season Resolutions: Manor

We enter the final three new season resolutions, with today focusing on Manor.

From being in administration at the start of 2015, it has been a mini miracle that the team managed to compete in 2015. Although they did have to do with a 2014 Ferrari engine and a year old chassis.

Manor x Manor (#28 Will Stevens)” by Takayuki Suzuki is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

The team’s new season resolution is to be more competitive in 2016 having secured current spec Mercedes engines and a transmission supply from Williams.

Although many would expect the team to be competitive, the new supply deals are no guarantee of moving up the grid. You only need to look at Tony Fernandes’ F1 team which secured Renault engines and Red Bull transmissions for 2011, which didn’t help the team move up the field.

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