Grosjean’s Gamble

In 2016, for the first time in his Formula One career, Romain Grosjean will not be driving for an Enstone based team.

He has decided to join new team, Haas F1 which is a gamble as it is unclear how competitive they will be.

However, the thinking is that with a Ferrari engine, a close technical partnership with the Italian team and with a Ferrari reserve driver occupying the second Haas seat, Grosjean would be ideally placed to land a seat with Scuderia Ferrari should Kimi Raikkonen not continue into 2017.

Romain Grosjean at 2015 US Grand Prix by Mike Boudreaux is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

It is an interesting move as many believed Nico Hulkenberg tried the same thing when moving to Sauber in 2013, as the team ran, and still do, Ferrari engines.

Ultimately Hulkenberg didn’t land the Ferrari seat in 2014 as the Scuderia chose Raikkonen instead which left Hulkenberg going back to Force India.

It is interesting that it was reported in 2015, once Raikkonen had been confirmed with Ferrari for 2016, that Grosjean had spoken to Ferrari briefly about their driver plans.

Should Grosjean not land a Ferrari seat for 2017 don’t be surprised if he returns to Enstone instead. A team he often mentioned as potentially returning to in the future during the latter stages of 2015, and with Renault now fully back in charge of the Enstone team, both Grosjean and Renault could be very tempted to rekindle the partnership between the two.

Romain Grosjean
Romain Grosjean: Lotus E23 Hybrid” by nhayashida is licensed under CC BY 2.0

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