Formula 1 2017: A season requiring patience

2017 is a big year for Formula 1 as it races under new technical regulations and its new owners settle in, having completed the takeover of the sport at the beginning of 2017. But, to me, there is plenty of potential for things to go wrong. Therefore I feel a large dose of patience will be required for all of those taking an interest in Formula 1 this year.


Technical Regulations

Formula 1 undergoes a radical change in technical regulations in 2017 with the aim of making the cars more visually appealing and to make them faster. But this has led to some wondering whether the new regulations will lead to more processional races with little overtaking.

With that concern in mind, it will only be right to begin judging the success of the new technical regulations from the Spanish Grand Prix at the earliest.

Valtteri Bottas at the first 2017 preseason test by The MotosportCritic

It may also mean that individual races will be seen as boring but when looking at the season it could be seen as quite entertaining as teams gain and lose ground in the development race that will take place throughout the season. To me it would mean that 2017 is more about the narrative of the season itself, which takes time to develop, rather than the story of individual races when it comes to the entertaining factor of the sport in 2017.


New Owners

Ever since it was reported that Liberty Media would be buying Formula 1, there has been plenty of articles written about what the new owners of the sport will, should or in some cases shouldn’t do in regards to changing the sport.

Many will want to judge quickly the impact of the new owners and whether they have been a positive or negative change for the sport, but this can’t be gauged until 2018 at the very earliest, if not until 2019, as the new owners hold discussions with teams and other stakeholders and then spend time in 2017 debating and initiating change.

Guenther Steiner of Haas F1 Team by The MotorsportCritic

With all of the above in mind, 2017 is set to be a big season for Formula 1, I therefore feel it is best to reserve judgement and have a little patience as this new era of the sport finds its feet.



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