Formula E enters a new era

The FIA Formula E championship have introduced their second generation car that will be used in the series from the 2018/2019 season (Season Five).

Its online launch occurred ahead of a physical reveal that will take place at the Geneva Motor Show on March 6 2018.

The new car is intended to be used for season five, six and seven of the championship. It will have an increased energy storage capacity and will also increase the range when compared to the first generation car. This will mean that speeds should be increased and will see the end of the mid-race car swap.

It is an exciting time for the championship having made steady progress during its first four seasons and has looked to have secured a bright future for itself with the introduction of the new generation car as well as an influx of manufacturers due to enter the sport over the next two to three seasons.

Formula E - First Gen Car
Nelson Piquet Jr flies to fourth at Marrakesh E-Prix” by Jaguar MENA is licensed under CC BY 2.0

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