What is the MotoE World Cup?

This weekend sees the MotoGP series introduce a new category which focuses on electric powered bikes, which is being called the MotoE World Cup.

The inaugural season of MotoE will be very similar to the first season of Formula E with the bikes for MotoE being spec-bikes as the chassis and engine will be supplied by Energica while the tyres will be supplied by Michelin.

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There is due to be twelve teams fielding an initial eighteen riders. The calendar consists of six races, all taking place in Europe across four different countries with the rounds in San Marino and Valencia hosting double headers.

The current proposed duration of races is to go by lap count rather than time with a mooted ten laps being the duration of races. This is so that any improvements found either on the bike or power side will go towards the out and out performance rather than increasing the duration of races.

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There is due to be a wide range of experience when it comes to the riders. Some will have recent MotoGP experience, others with experience either in Moto2, Moto3 or the previous equivalents of 250cc and 125cc. There are also due to be riders from motorcycle endurance racing and from World Superbikes, not to mention riders coming out of retirement to compete.

With this in mind and that all the teams will be running the same bike, it will be interesting to see how competitive the racing is, where it could be like Moto3 with large groups of riders or whether it is more like Moto2 where there are smaller groups that emerge as the race goes on.

It may not grab many people’s attention, but like any new category, it will be interesting to see how the first season goes, how it is received both by those attending the Grand Prix and by those watching from elsewhere and ultimately how it will develop in 2019 and beyond.

Primo giro MotoE sul circuito di Losail” by MotoGP Italia is licensed under CC BY 2.0

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