Point Scoring in F1

With F1 debating the idea of three car teams, many have asked whether the third car would be allowed to score points. I personally believe they should, but as some have pointed out, if you did allow this the points positions would just be filled with the likes of Mercedes, Red Bull, Williams etc instead […]

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Three Car Teams

With teams such as Caterham and Marussia struggling, as well as concerns over the likes of Sauber, there has been talk of allowing three car teams in F1. This is not a new idea, with former Ferrari chairman, Luca di Montezemolo being an avid supporter of the idea. I at first was not keen to […]

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What Now?

With Sebastian Vettel and Red Bull wrapping up the Driver’s Championship and Constructor’s Championship respectively in India on Sunday, many would believe that the last three rounds of the 2013 season are just a formality. There are however other important battles occurring lower down the Driver’s and Constructor’s standing which guarantee to provide some entertainment […]

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