Back to basics

There has once again been a lot of talk within Formula One on how it can become more entertaining. The FIA Strategy group believed that reintroducing refuelling to the sport could be a solution. The teams however aren’t so keen. Others would like to see a change in the tyre compounds, not least Michelin who […]

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FIA superlicence point system

The CEO of Formula E, Alejandro Agag, has recently said he was happy with the decision not to include Formula E in the list of single seaters that are eligible for drivers to gain points to compete in Formula One. He went onto suggest that Formula E could in fact have its own feeders series. […]

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Point Scoring in F1

With F1 debating the idea of three car teams, many have asked whether the third car would be allowed to score points. I personally believe they should, but as some have pointed out, if you did allow this the points positions would just be filled with the likes of Mercedes, Red Bull, Williams etc instead […]

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