New Season Resolutions: Manor

We enter the final three new season resolutions, with today focusing on Manor. From being in administration at the start of 2015, it has been a mini miracle that the team managed to compete in 2015. Although they did have to do with a 2014 Ferrari engine and a year old chassis. The team’s new […]

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2015 Formula One Driver Battles

With Lewis Hamilton clinching the F1 Drivers Championship in the last round in Austin and Mercedes having clinched the Constructors Championship in Sochi, you may think that there isn’t much point in tuning in to watch the remaining three races. However, as I am about to detail, there are plenty of other battles between drivers […]

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Manor Marussia’s 2015 Car

It was recently announced that Manor were aiming to introduce their 2015 car sometime in August. Initially I was skeptical as they would only have at maximum four months before the 2015 season ends, therefore thinking it better for them to simply not bother. However if the car is introduced in early August that leaves […]

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Bahrain Grand Prix Preview

This weekend is the Bahrain Grand Prix, the last race before the start of the European season in Formula One. Although the three main podium places have been filled by the same three drivers there are still plenty of things to look out for in Bahrain. Many during the weekend will be talking about the […]

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Malaysia GP Review

Formula One returned after a one week break, and managed to put on a show that laid to rest some fears that Mercedes and Lewis Hamilton would walk away with the championship. Vettel secured victory for Scuderia Ferrari in only his second race, ahead of Hamilton and Rosberg in the two Mercedes. Kimi Raikkonen had […]

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Australian GP Review 

Formula One is back, and besides a few teams and drivers unable to compete during various points of the weekend, the racing was straightforward with the two Mercedes out in front on their own. Hamilton led Rosberg comfortably, the race seemingly won once Rosberg failed to keep up with Hamilton after the Safety Car restart. […]

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Looking ahead to Malaysia

The Australian Grand Prix was a straightforward affair but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t things to look out for in Malaysia. The first is whether Nico Rosberg will be able to respond to Lewis Hamilton’s dominant race performance. Although Rosberg topped the opening free practice sessions, from Saturday onwards Hamilton took control of the […]

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With the announcement of Roberto Merhi as their second driver, for Australia at least, Manor F1 are all set to compete alongside the other nine teams at the Australian Grand Prix. It has been an incredible month where it was announced the team would be exiting administration in mid February, to hurriedly trying to get the […]

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