Back to basics

There has once again been a lot of talk within Formula One on how it can become more entertaining. The FIA Strategy group believed that reintroducing refuelling to the sport could be a solution. The teams however aren’t so keen. Others would like to see a change in the tyre compounds, not least Michelin who […]

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How Michelin could save DRS

Michelin have recently announced that they are interested in returning to Formula One. Their Motorsport director stated that the company would like to see the introduction of eighteen inch wheels and for tyres to be more durable. One of the main criticisms of Pirelli, since they have entered the sport in 2011, is that the […]

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Formula One tyres

It has been reported that Michelin would consider returning to Formula One. Their Motorsport director, Pascal Couasnon has stated that there would be conditions attached that would need to be met before the company would enter the sport. These conditions include Formula One adopting eighteen inch wheels and making the tyres more durable. The idea of […]

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