USA: Drivers

We’ve got circuits and teams who provide the cars. Now we just need a driver to actually drive the car. In the final part of the USA feature, I cover some of the American drivers that have competed in Formula One.

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USA: Teams

In the second part of my USA feature I cover the teams that have come from America to compete in the sport, since we have a circuit, and now we need a car.

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USA: Circuits

To begin with, let’s cover the circuits as racing isn’t much good without one.┬áDespite being held in Austin, Texas at the moment, the ‘United States Grand Prix’ has been held on six different circuits while the United States West Grand Prix, Detroit Grand Prix and Caesars Palace Grand Prix have all been held within America. […]

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USA Feature

With the US Grand Prix coming up I have decided to cover the nation’s involvement within Formula One, because despite the USA having more established motorsport series such as NASCAR and IndyCar within the country as well as even having established non-motorsport sports such as Baseball, Basketball and Ice Hockey, the US does have a […]

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