Happy New Year!

It’s 1st January 2016! Which means spending a month at least accidentally writing 2015 on any documents, as well as making New Year resolutions that will be forgotten in a week’s time. It also means that we are a little closer to the start of the 2016 motorsport season as many teams from multiple series […]

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End of 2015

We are into the final few weeks of 2015. It has been a year that has seen Nelson Piquet Jr. become the first Formula E champion, Hamilton has joined the likes of Lauda, Senna, Brabham and Stewart in becoming a three time Formula One champion. In MotoGP, Jorge Lorenzo also became a three time MotoGP […]

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Races during October

Before you know it another month has arrived, luckily with it there is some more motorsport action. Below is a weekend by weekend run through of some of the motorsport events this October. 3rd-4th October The month starts with the Nascar Sprint Cup as it heads to Dover International Speedway. There is also the twelfth […]

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Races during September

There are plenty of races taking place during September. Below is a weekend by weekend breakdown of what will be taking place this month. 5th-6th September The opening weekend of September sees Formula One and European Formula Three in action. The F1 drivers and teams head to Monza, Italy where Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Raikkonen […]

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29th-30th August Weekend

It’s the final weekend of August and there is plenty to watch in terms of motorsport action, including the following: World Endurance Championship The WEC returns to action for the 6 hours of Nurburgring. In LMP1, Toyota, Audi, Porsche and Rebellion all bring two cars, whilst Team Bykolles will field one car. There will be […]

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Nico Hulkenberg

Amongst the many stories that came out of Le Mans during the weekend, one caught a bit of attention, that of Nico Hulkenberg who, thanks to his Formula One employer Vijay Mallya, was allowed to compete in the LMP1 class with the #19 Porsche which ultimately won the race.

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F1 and other racing series

Nico Hulkenberg managed to grab some of the headlines during the weekend as he won at Le Mans with Porsche. It is interesting to think that Jenson Button or Fernando Alonso could have been in the #19 Porsche instead. But that raises an intriguing topic of discussion of team bosses in Formula One allowing their […]

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Races during June

With it being the beginning of June, we are now half way through 2015 and motorsport seasons are well and truly underway or, in the case of Formula E, are drawing to a close.

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